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Extended system of units, and units conversion

Currently, Cumulocity has a rudimentary model for systems of units. It recognises metric and imperial units systems, and the API will convert measurement values between them. Metric Imper...
Neil C about 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Dashboarding / Data Point Library 1 Likely to support/improve

Decimal places in asset-table

Hi! It shall be possible to configure the decimal numbers of float values in the asset table. The value "fĂĽllstand" ist stemming from LWM2M. If there was at least a possibility to round this value in APAMA Analytics Builder and add the newly creat...
Guest about 3 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Data Point Library / Widgets 3 Likely to support/improve