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Status Future consideration
Categories Analytics Builder
Created by Neil C
Created on Sep 2, 2022

Analytics Builder "Simulation Mode" should support simulating in accelerated time

Analytics Builder currently has a simulation mode, which allows an Analytics Builder to consume historical data from the Operational Store (MongoDB), and feed it in real-time to a model.

One limination of this feature is that, if you are trying to run a simulation using many weeks or months of historical data, the simulation also takes weeks or months to run.

A common use case for us is the regression testing of new analytical models against older data: we want to make sure that our newer models produce equally good or better predictions than previous models when tested with historical failure cases. This testing needs to be accelerated, so that we can validate models in hours or minutes, rather than days or months.

We would like to have a feature in simulation mode that allows us to accelerate the consumption of data by a fixed factor, but retains the "real" timestamps of the outputs from the model. In other words, if a model is regression tested agains data from January to June 2020, and would have resulted in a predictive alert being raised on 19 May 2020, we can use simulation mode to run the model over that historical window, generate the alert on 19 May 2020, but 10,000x faster, so that if I started it now, it would be finished not in 6 months time, but in 26 minutes time.

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  • Admin
    Rob Jones
    Mar 23, 2023

    Good suggestion.