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Status Future consideration
Created by Neil C
Created on Feb 7, 2023

Less error-prone tag creation for Analytics Builder models

The new facility to tag Analytics Builder models, and filter them by state and tag is a really helpful addition.

When entering tags, I found the behaviour of the form slightly un-intuitive:

  • If you type just a single tag name, then press <OK>, the tag is not create or registered.

  • Instead, its necessary to type then name and then press <Enter>. This also enables the creation of multiple tags, of course.

I think it would be a small enhancement if a single tag were created with only <OK> pressed.

It might also be helpful if while you were typing a tag entry, there were some form of inline-autocomplete, which tries to match tags that have already been created. This would reduce the likelihood that "identical" tags were accidentally created, but with slightly different spelling.

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  • Admin
    Rob Jones
    Mar 6, 2023

    Sensible suggestions. Thanks.