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Status Future consideration
Categories Analytics Builder
Created by Neil C
Created on Feb 14, 2023

User-defined 'Titles' and usage 'Descriptions' for Analytics Builder block instances

Even relatively simple models in Analytics Builder can be tricky to understand.

Right now, the only method to document the design intent, or the method of operation of a model is to enter a lengthy description into the "Description" field in the Model Configuration dialogue box.

We propose two changes to improve the readability of models:

  • Re-titling of blocks:

    • Today, when shown on the canvas, blocks are titled/named using the generic name given them by the developer: e.g. Delta, or Difference

      • Some blocks adopt aspects of their configuration as their title: e.g. the Expression block , which use the text of the 'Expression' field as the title.

    • We would like to be able to specify the block's "Title", so that when viewed on the canvas it could convey something meaningful in the context of the overall model. In the event that a "Title" is not specified, it could default to using the existing behaviour to set the title of the block.

  • Descriptive documenting of individual blocks:

    • We would like to have a 'Description' field for each block in a model, which can be used to describe its role in the model as a whole.

    • If the 'Description' field for a block is populated, then it should be displayed as part of the tooltip for the block.

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  • Admin
    Rob Jones
    Feb 15, 2023

    These are good suggestions and align with Cumulocity's intention to provide a level of annotation to models.