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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Created by Tal Dunne
Created on Jul 10, 2023

Usage Statistics App - Overall Summary Screen


A single screen that displays all relevant metrics would be beneficial - an "home" or "summary" page. Currently, a user needs to dive into each statistics type separately and manually keep track of the totals. A one screen view where they can see all relevant metrics and how they compare to the previous month would be beneficial, so that they do not have to click so many times to figure it all out.

Use Cases

  1. As an admin, I want to quickly check my usage across different statistics types so that I can understand total consumption and predict any overage invoices.

  2. As a cost manager, I want to quickly understand what changes happened in a month compared to the previous months.

Something similar to the PowerBI dashboard:


  • A homepage screen that shows all relevant metrics across different statistics types

  • Show information on how the metrics for a given month compared to the previous month.

  • Attach files