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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Status Future consideration
Created by Tal Dunne
Created on Jul 26, 2023

Usage Statistics App - Allow Calculated Metrics & Thresholds


To support custom pricing models built on top of Cumulocity IoT, the user needs the ability to define custom metrics using the existing data set. In addition, the user should be able to define thresholds on these custom metrics, so that their end users can see consumption relating to their bills.

Example Custom Metrics:

The key component of an alternative pricing model is is bundling measurements, API requests, and storage with the per-device charge. Therefore, it would be beneficial to be able to define new metrics such as:

Storage Per Device = (storageSize) / (peakDeviceWithChildrenCount)

Custom Thresholds:

These custom metrics are defined by the number of devices that a customer has. Therefore, the threshold should update depending on the number of devices. For example:

Measurements Threshold = (perDeviceMeasurementThreshold) x (peakDeviceWithChildrenCount)

If we were to offer 100K measurements bundled with each device, then the threshold would become:

Measurements Threshold = (100K measurements) x (# of devices)


  • Allow end user to define new metrics using calculations of the existing data

  • Allow end users to define thresholds on the custom metrics

  • Allow thresholds to be referential to other metrics

  • Attach files