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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Status Future consideration
Created by Tal Dunne
Created on Jul 26, 2023

Usage Statistics App - Default Configuration


The configuration for the usage statistics application should be inherited from a tenant property. This would enable metrics and thresholds to be added by default, rather than having to be added by the end user. In addition, this would enable contracted metrics to be added automatically when a tenant is created, furthering the contract-aware state of the tenant.


If a custom metric is defined as

"Storage/Device (in MB)" = (storageSize) / (peakDeviceWithChildrenCount)

The default could be set in a tenant property:

{“label”: “Storage/Device (in MB)”, “value”: “storageSize / peakDeviceWithChildrenCount”, “threshold”: “100”}


  • Enable users to define default configuration for metrics and thresholds

  • Attach files