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Status Partially supported already
Created by Neil C
Created on Feb 7, 2023

Include non-planned time in OEE calculation & reporting

The OEE app doesn't currently have a mechanism to automatically allocate time as planned downtime - only to identify (through calculation rules) "availability losses". This doesn't give us enough flexibility to accurately report our equipment downtime in a way that helps customers or our service engineers.

For example...

Our equipment is either:

  • Running and able to be used (no other faults present) => no availability loss == "Actual production time" (from our perspective)

  • Running, but unable to be used (due to another fault on our side) => "Availability loss"

  • Not running, because of a fault => "Availability loss"

  • Not running because it has stopped in a controlled fashion, without registering a fault => "Planned downtime" == "No planned production time"

We can typically determine each of these states reasonably accurately based on measurements or alarm/events.

However, the OEE app assumes that Potential Production Time (or windows of non-planned time, e.g. based on shift patterns) will always be entered manually. Gathering and entering this information can be time consuming and error-prone.

We would like to have a calculation path for OEE that allows us to determine "Planned downtime" automatically, through calculation rules, and then to also have the ability to report this time - both in absolute time, as a number of stoppage events, and as a ratio between planned/unplanned time/events.

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  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Feb 24, 2023

    Hi Neil, we appreciate the comprehensive idea you shared. At the moment, it seems we are covering part of the above case with the next OEE release using the shiftplans where all the downtimes that are planned & fed in advance into the OEE app manually or via syncing with external system using APIs.