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Created on Jun 17, 2020

Reuse dashboards in other subtenants

In our case, we usually have a lot of uniform dashboards for our devices. At the same time, the development of dashboards goes through several quality levels. We currently map this so that there is a subtenant for each quality level (dev / test / production). Therefore, we have a requirement that a dashboard that is considered good (or a lot of dashboards) needs to be carried over to the next level. Since we are planning further subtenants, the takeover effort will continue to increase.

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  • Admin
    Nikolaus Neuerburg
    Jun 18, 2020

    Hi, thank you for the feedback.

    For moving dashboards and other Cumulocity IoT objects between tenants you can use the Cumulocity IoT Migration tool, which is offered as Open Source Software on:

    Despite that, it would be interesting to learn which other improvements could be implemented to facilitate your development process.


    Nikolaus Neuerburg