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Created on Jun 29, 2020

webSDK: forward requests for all non locally running apps also to the ternant

When developing a web application for cumulocity you use the c8ycli.

The c8ycli has a proxy functionality to forward requests going to the c8y APIs to the tenant you are developing against.
This proxy does not forward any requests which are going <tenant>/apps/*
It would be usefull to also have an option to enable this at least for some apps manually. Or best case scenario would be to have this option for all non locally running apps enabled.

This would be really useful to also make use of example the branding which is available within the tenant on the local machine whithout having to copy the branding manually.

Customer Autosen is using this for example to access apps from their management tenant via /apps/public/...
They are storing some data in e.g. "/apps/public/custom-notifications/notifications.json" to notify users of their subtenants about changes..
But we are not able to make use of this in any local dev environment..

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