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Created by Guest
Created on Sep 14, 2020

Automatic activation of children in the Global Smartrule Disable


- you have a group with an incative global smart rule

- children is set to "non selected"

- add a new device as child into this group

Result: the older children are still not selected (as expected), but the new child is selected (which is not expected from your site).

In the meantime I got feedback from our development: This is as designed.

A global smart rule can be created as "active for all by default", when during creation no specific target devices are selected,

When you disable the smart rule for a group and its currently assigned children, then all children IDs are stored in smart rule's `disabledSources` list.

Later when a new device is added to the group, `disabledSources` list is not updated, because there is no functionality implemented which can do that.

Result: the smart rule is effectively enabled for that device by default.

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