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Categories Smart rules
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 2, 2020

Smart rules should be applied to all subgroups and devices on all levels

A smart rule can be created in two modes:

(1) "active by default but inactive for given assets"


(2) "inactive by default but active for given assets".

Further activation or deactivation of items (groups, devices) is handled:

(1) each item which should not fire the rule, must be activated manually. For a group can be activated also all direct children.

(2) each item which should be used by the rule, must be deactivated manually. For a group can be deactivated also all direct children.

Enhancement request:

It should be possible to activate a rule within a cockpit group, which should activate additionally all subgroups and all devices on all sublevels. Also devices and subgroups added after the rule activation should be active.

The same should be possible for the dactivation of a group.

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