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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 19, 2020

As per the current implementation, disabling the Checkbox under Target Devices for smart rules will result in failures

Smart Rule created is not triggered when the check box to enable for child assets is disabled.

While creating a global smart rule under Groups, when the user unchecks the option "Activate also for child assets” the smart rule will be created only for the particular group and the devices under the same will not be reflected. Hence, when the condition to trigger the smart rule is met, the expected operation will not be performed.

Steps To Reproduce.

1. Navigate to Cockpit -> Groups.

2. Select any particular group and navigate to Info tab.

3. At right hand side click on Add smart rule.

4. Select any Smart rule. (eg: On alarm send email).

5. Input the required values in the respective field.

6. Uncheck the option "Activate also for child assets" and create the smart group.

7. Trigger the scenario in this case trigger any alarm for one of the device under the smart group.

8. It is observed that no mail as per the above example is send.

If this is expected as per the checkbox, do let us know the use case for this checkbox, as disabling the same will not trigger the smart rule.

Hence, requesting team to remove this checkbox as it will end up in smart rule failures and if no use case for the same.


This request has been raised based on the open ticket with ZenDesk ID "2768" and as suggested by Elias Weingartner and Alexander Raubal from SAG after demonstrating the issue to SAG team members.

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