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Categories Smart rules
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 15, 2021

Smart rules inheritance

Adding a device to a group, which has Smartrules applied, you have to select the device manually to apply the Smartrule in the cockpit.

It would be good to have this applied automatically as soon as a device get's a group assigned all Smartrules which could trigger should be activated automatically. (or at least to have such an option).

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  • Admin
    Rob Jones
    Mar 6, 2023

    This is a sensible request.

  • Guest
    Mar 11, 2022

    I am currently struggling again with Smart Rules on a project.

    Usecase: Devices provide temperature values. If a temperature value is above 25°C an alarm should be generated.

    New devices are constantly being added to the platform.

    • Among others there is a group "allDevices".

    • On this group a smart rule was created which triggers an alarm if the temp is above 25°C.

    • PROBLEM: whenever a new device is added to the group, the Smart Rule does not take effect on the new device.

    • This simply makes no SENSE from my point of view. For what do I make then generally a "Group Smart Rule"?

    • So the new devices must always be added manually to the Smart Rule => Very error-prone.

    • Are there any reasons why this is not done automatically? Can you ask here please.

    In the project we have different groups with different smart rules (alarm, email, ...).

    It's just tedious when a device is assigned to multiple groups to remember to add the devices to the smart rule as well.

    A possible option would be to add a possibility that the Smart Rule automatically checks every x hours/once midnight if there are new devices in the group and then adds them to the Smart Rule automatically.