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Status Future consideration
Created by Florian Gopp
Created on Mar 17, 2021

Provide proxy configuration to c8ycli to test against local MicroService instance

Hi C8Y team,

we are developing an custom Device Management App based on the Cumulocity Device Management App using the Web-SDK and the c8y-cli. We have also four custom Microservices which provide some REST endpoints.
Testing of new features in the web app is working fine as long as we test it against the C8y-API or the Microservice APIs which are availible through our development tenant at We start the web app with the "c8y-cli server" command and the web app is then served on localhost:9000/... and I think there is a proxy configuration which forwards the calls to the c8y-API and the Microservices deployed on the tenant.

The problem is now that it's hard to develop a new feature in a Microservice and test it in the frontend. I have to deploy the Microservice first to the tenant and can then test it. Deployment to the tenant takes a lot of time and it's nearly impossible to debug against a Microservice running on localhost.

It would be nice to adapt the proxy configuration or provide my own proxy configuration which defines for example that all requests to /service/my-new-service/* will be forwarded to localhost/ and all other requests will be forwarded to my dev tenant (e. g.

It would be nice when we could provide our own proxy configuration to the "c8y-cli server" command (e. g. "c8y-cli server --proxy-config=my-new-service-localhost.config").


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