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Status Future consideration
Categories LWM2M
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 30, 2021

Custom Action on Instance Level - LWM2M implementation

Reaction on notifications are not always solely based on a single resource. In the majority of the cases there are multiple resources involved, especially the timestamp is an important field. It must be possible to configure custom actions on instance level (even better also on object level). There is already (a hidden) mechanism that is doing something similar with the “/6/0 Location” instance. If somebody observes this instance the correct c8y_LocationUpdate event including longitude, latitude, altitude and timestamp is generated.

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  • Admin
    Nikolaus Neuerburg
    Apr 14, 2022

    Hi Peter, thanks a lot for the feedback. We had a discussion on your idea and do agree that it makes a lot of sense to allow for processing data on instance or object level. To allow this, we need to rework our concept on how to generally model LWM2M device types and instances into data values. While we are currently focused on supporting LWM2M 1.1 features, we will have a look at this improvement further down the road along with providing the ability to define different device types (currently we only support one mapping per LWM2M object regardless of the LWM2M device type).