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Status Clarification needed
Categories Widgets
Created by Elvin Sebastian
Created on Nov 9, 2021

Datapoint Graph should draw line into infinity

The "datapoint graph" widget should draw a a horizontal line into the future when line type is selected "step before/after". this would show a graph in the widget even when the last datapoint is outside the displayed time interval. This would also show the last value to the customer if only changes in value are transmitted for saving data.

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  • Elvin Sebastian
    Aug 4, 2023

    Hi Rahul,

    Thank you for the update. Regarding the aggregation type: Right now there is only min or max or min/max, will there be the possiblity for average with the new Timeseries-DB for tenants which have that feature enabled?

    Best Regards

  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Aug 4, 2023

    Hi Elvin,

    We would like to share that the new data point graph is now available for Cumulocity 10.16 onwards . You can install the Data points graph plugin from this package into a custom application (cloned cockpit )

    Cumulocity > Administration > Ecosystem > Applications > Packages > Cumulocity community plugins > Install Data points graph (screenshot attached)

    Key improvements are listed below:

    • Real-time can be switched on/off on the graph (previously you had to edit the widget and change)

    • Aggregation type can be changed on the graph (previously you had to edit the widget and change)

    • Date selector on the graph

    • Parameters being plotted can be turned off in a click

    • Y-axis is now colored as selected parameter and more readable

    • Graph view can be saved as an image

    • & many more minor usability improvements

    If you have any suggestions or encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to create GitHub issues. Contributions are also highly appreciated.

    In case you are not able to view the package in your tenant (10.16 or above), you can also download it manually from here: and install it in Cumulocity > Administration > Ecosystem > Applications > Packages > + Add package on top right

  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Apr 4, 2023

    Hi Elvin, thanks for the feedback around Data Point Graph.

    We are currently working on a new & improved Data Point Graph. Initially, a beta version of the new widget will be made available as a plugin (around May-June), once available I will reach you with steps to install and gather feedback.

    Additionally, I would like to mention that the new version of the graph does not address the feedback provided in this idea. Once the newer version is out for beta testing, I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and learn more about your specific use case and validate the idea again.