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Status Future consideration
Categories Smart rules
Created by oana velicu
Created on May 4, 2022

Smart rule: On measurement explicit threshold create alarm

When creating a Smart Rule "On measurement explicit threshold create alarm" the following changes shall be made:

The switch "Enabled" in the upper part is not working when saving the smart rule. When saved it needs to be manually switched on (in the list of smart rules) to activate the smart rule.

point 2): "Fragment" should be replaced by "Type" (to be aligned to the device database definition when creating holding registers. It should be updated also the popup text.

Below the field "Series *", should be added the "Search filed" (the same as in "On measurement threshold create alarm")

The values of "Range min" and "Range max" should loaded automatically based on values set in "Data Point Library" and should not be edited (to avoid misalignement between alarm, and data point library settings)

point 3): the first field shows "c8y_ThresholdAlarm". As understood, this should be a unique ID name for the alarms related to a TTConnect Wave. So that string should be removed because is making confusion when creating a Smart Rule. It should be inserted in grey (in background) "Alarm ID * " (as mandatory field to be filled. The popup also needs to be updated, inserting the explanation state above.

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  • oana velicu
    May 4, 2022

    internal ticket 120