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Status Partially supported already
Created by oana velicu
Created on May 4, 2022

device-info page: 1000 events UI limitation should be removed

SAG R&D confirmed that in the current version the maximum of 1000 events are limited as per the UI.

Having a hard limit on 1K means that often what is default view for the user will appear broken as not all events in the default timeframe can be loaded. If the default timeframe would adjust to the bounds of the available events, this would not be perceived.

Are there any plans for automatical reduction / recalculation of the graph data or integration with a tool that would enable this?

The 1K limit is clearly not ideal and one way to work around this would be to reduce the number of points shown on a graph by adjusting sampling or adding calculations.

(Internal ticket 1421)

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  • Admin
    Aaron Raab
    Jun 26, 2023

    With 10.18, the Device Info page will become customizable. With the page now leveraging the standard map widget, the limit is now 2k as this is the maximum number of data points supported by the underlying API.

    Prior limitations of the map widget (max. 100 devices) have been overcome and back-ported to version 10.13. For more details see: