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Status Likely to support/improve
Categories WebSDK
Created by oana velicu
Created on May 10, 2022

Error Message: Could not find managed object with ID "xxxxx" - The Delete Operation is not consistent and the Message is Confusing for customers/end users

(internal ticket TTCON3G-484)

The attached error message can appear for various reasons. Here a few suggestions:

  • Delete a child device that is referenced in the dashboard

  • Delete a device protocol that is in use

  • Delete a holding register that is referenced

  • Delete a device that was referenced on a Dashboard (f.e. on a group)

  • ….

Basically, any action that is able to delete a managed object that is referenced by other managed objects.


  • Error messages should be concise and the receiver of the message should be able to understand it. It is not helpful to only show the id of the _deleted_ managed Object. At least the widget that causes the issue should also be named, shown, etc… The error message is directed to a plain user of Cumulocity and should be written on that level.

  • Even better than sanitizing the message would be to actually prevent this situation:

    • Simple option: Warn about the existing relationship that is about to break (and log it to the audit log if the user continues)

    • Advanced: Allow the option to recursively delete all “linked” objects that would end up having a broken relationship

      • Abort and show a warning if too many relations are found

      • It might not be clear generically how to delete (or unsubscribe) the linked reference works in detail, might depend on the type of object that has the reference to the linked object that is about to be deleted.

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  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Mar 29, 2023

    Hi Oana, thanks for the valuable feedback

    We agree that the current method of showing error is not intuitive, in the last few upgrades we have started showing error directly on the widgets (attaching sample screenshot) but this is yet to be implemented in all the widgets. I will keep you posted as in when we keep making progress on this, as we are also planning to migrate widgets to angular.

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