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Categories WebSDK
Created by Mohammed Ali Khan
Created on Jul 6, 2022

Implementation of checks/warnings upon creations of multiple primary groups with exact similar name

Currently it is seenthat the user is able to create two or more primary groups with exact similar name without any notification/warning, which in turn causes problem when bulk registration of devices are performed.

It would be a good idea to implement a check for duplication of assets/groups to overcome the problem. This could be achieved by a two level check upon creation/renaming/moving of any MOs,

  • one for asset/group name and

  • other the path of that asset/group.

So this way, no similar name objects can be at the same path anytime (such as two primary groups or two subgroups under same primary group).

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  • Mohammed Ali Khan
    Nov 8, 2023

    Hi Rahul,

    Just checking the status on this feedback as I could see that it states "Clarification needed" while clarification has been provided long back.

    Looking forward for your response on the feedback.



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  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Jul 25, 2023

    Hello Mohammed, 

    Thank you for raising this Idea and our apologies for not responding in a timely manner. 

    We understand the confusion caused by being able to create two groups with the same name but implementing a solution around this is unfortunately challenging and could still leave some loopholes, leading to the same issues.

    According to our tech team, while creating groups from the user interface, we could make an API call to check if a top-level group with the specific name already exists. However, this check would be case-sensitive, so it wouldn't prevent the creation of "test" or "TEST" if "Test" already exists, which defeats the purpose of avoiding duplicates.

    Also, there might be valid use cases where using the same label multiple times is necessary, so completely blocking it via API may not be ideal as well and hence in cases where users utilize the API to create groups, they may still have the ability to create groups with duplicate names

    Do you feel only showcasing a hint/warning but not blocking when user create a group with duplicate name also address your concern adequately ?


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