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Created by Guest
Created on Oct 13, 2022

country specific decimal places in measurements

The measurements with decimal values in Cumulocity are always represented as "." for exampe 10.5283. In Germany the decimal is represented as "," --> 10,5234. So if we see the value 10.5283 it is 10 thousend. We can see this in all measurements: DeviceManagement Measurements view, Datapointdiagramm, Datapointtable.We get some comlaints from our customers that our view of the measurements is wrong.

It should be the country specific measurement representation if I choose the language german.

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  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Mar 27, 2023

    Hi Team, Thanks for sharing this feedback

    We have identified it as a bug and logged it internally with id.MTM-52096 and will be soon addressing it. I will keep you informed of any progress regarding its resolution.