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Status Unlikely to support
Created by Manash Baruah
Created on Apr 19, 2023

Feature Request Ops to Dev: Change Rollout Success Notification for Cases where SW is already deployed


Would like to file a feature request:

"Change Rollout Success Notification for Cases where SW is already deployed".

During the MVoIP project we stumbled upon cases where MVoIP was displayed on the UI as redeployed successfully again although the SW was already deployed. Of course, we know this is not the case but the UI only shows it that way.

During troubleshooting sessions it was causing misunderstandings with other teams.

The only way to currently "see" if it was redeployed is by comparing timestamps and estimate if the SW deployment process duration is considered to be realistic.

Instead the UI should clearly state: "SW Deployment not possible since SW already installed". This should also be visualized with a different colour in the UI (e.g., Grey or Blue).

**Information below coming from Dominik Hoppe


  • default C8Y product only supports SW deployment status “pending/executing/successful/failed”

  • for operations it would be great if there would be one more status “SW already installed” which is shown in the UI

  • Currently this is causing a lot of confusion on Schindler end in a respective SW rollout project


  • it must be clarified though if there are cases where SW needs to be redeployed on corrupted SW à obviously it must be possible to handle these cases still

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  • Admin
    Aaron Raab
    May 8, 2023


    Thank you for raising your request. We discussed this topic internally. There is already such a message in place for single devices in the software select modal (see picture in attachment). For bulk operationons it is currently not possible to display the share of devices that already have a specific software (version) installed. However, we do not see the disadvantage of not having this pop-up message as by creating a bulk operation one usually intends to define the desired state of a specific group of devices. What’s the harm if this desired state has already been reached (partially)? There are also multiple options how such a situation should be handled on devices side depending on the specific use-case:

    Best regards