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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 22, 2023

Public API for LwM2M agent

It would be useful to have a stable API for the LwM2M agent published to

This would allow us to script/automate the following:

  • Create a LwM2M device protocol, i.e. upload a DDF (/service/lwm2m-agent/objectResourceMappings/ddf).

  • Customise the additional resource functionalities and add validation rules to resources (/service/lwm2m-agent/objectResourceMappings/{id}/add).

  • Register a LwM2M device, providing the LwM2M PSK and bootstrap details (/service/lwm2m-agent/deviceRegistration).

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  • Admin
    Nikolaus Neuerburg
    Jul 12, 2023

    Hi Martin, thanks a lot for your feedback. After an internal discussion of your idea, we agree that it will be useful to expose the LWM2M APIs publicly in the future.

    Given the current priorities and plans we have to improve the resource mapping abilities in the future that might lead to API changes, we have decided to put this idea into the backlog for future consideration.