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Status Unlikely to support
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 20, 2023

LwM2M device wakeup from C8y platform

An IoT gateway device that uses LwM2M to communicate with C8y can have the ability to enter a low-power state, in which it still has the ability to receive a "shoulder tap" via SMS or IP. It would be useful to have a mechanism in the C8y platform that could wake up such a device and establish an outbound connection to C8y, e.g. to receive an enqueued operation or send current telemetry.

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  • Admin
    Nikolaus Neuerburg
    Sep 4, 2023

    Hi Martin,

    thanks a lot for providing the idea. As mentioned in our call, it is unlikely that we will provide this as a generic functionality any time soon. However, you could think about writing your own extension to achieve this.

    E.g. you could build an extension that allows to trigger sending a wake-up SMS via the UI. Alternatively, an Analytics Builder rule, triggering the sending of an SMS after an operation of a certain type was created could be an option.