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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Created by Juergen Hahl
Created on Aug 11, 2023

Add ability to Report devices in export for a Top-Level-Group with Devices in Sub-Sub Groups

Customer has built a group structure with subgroups to organize his devices.
The structur contains serveral top level groups with subgroups to organize its device. The customer is now trying to export a report on all devices by selecting the top level group.

But the reports (exports) for a top-level group with units in sub-subgroups do not work. The export does not contain data about the devices contained in the subgroups.

We expected the report to contain all the unit data from the subgroups when only the "Top Group" is selected in the export.

Please modify the export so that all devices (also in the subgroups) are exported if only the top level group is selected.


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