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Status Future consideration
Created by Laudemhir Jan Parel
Created on Nov 15, 2023

Easier way to search for events in the LwM2M events log

When searching for logs in the events tab (either from the overall events stream in the Device Management or from the device itself), we can only search for event types such as:


  • lwm2m_log

  • c8y_LWM2MDeviceRegistration

However, we think it would make it easier for the user if we can search for a particular string/words rather than the event type. For example if I want to search for "New registration" logs, I would first have to know what the event type is, instead of directly looking for any logs containing that particular search query.

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  • Admin
    Aaron Raab
    Jan 3, 2024

    Hi Laudemhir,

    We do agree and would also like to see this functionality in the product as well. Unfortunately, this change requires core changes and other teams to be involved. We therefore decided to focus on other improvements first.

    Best regards, Aaron