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Status Likely to support/improve
Created by Santhosh Thakkalapally
Created on Nov 27, 2023

Request to add device LastCommunication date field to the standard columns list in device list table

It's good to have device LastCommunication date to the standard columns list(Device Management-> All devices-> standard columns of the table AND Cookpit->Groups->Subassets ).

We used to get regular customer incidents for device disconnections/offline. To speed up the triaging we expect the 'LastCommunication date' to showup in the all devcies table to see what are all most recently communicated and do sort & filter stuff.

Currently device list table is not exposing device 'LastCommunicate date', due to this user has to navigates to device info page for each device to know it's last communication date. If we can add 'LastCommunication date' column to the standard columns list, it helps us in troubleshooting customer incidents related to device disconneted/offline

As it's not a good approach to ask each cutomer to configure that as custom column instead we can add it to standard column, that really helps us.

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  • Admin
    Aaron Raab
    Jan 3, 2024

    Hi Santosh,

    we are currently planning to make the configuration of the lists and in particular the custom columns easier. The idea is that the administrator can predefined the combination of header and fragment path allowing him to extend the list of columns users can then choose from. Another enhancement would be to also allow to predefined the default set of columns that are shown to every user. Best regards, Aaron