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Created by Tobias Sommer
Created on Dec 13, 2023

Change name of Usage Statistics blueprint

It seems as the blueprint is called "Usage Statistics" and the blueprint is also stored in the tenant as an application, you cannot name the actual app "Usage Statistics".

It is quite confusing, because when you want to create it it prompts you already the name as "Usage Statistics 1" (same as the blueprint but as the name already exists it appends the 1) and my natural reaction was removing the one as it is ugly. But then I get the error that the app is already existing.

It is already confusing here, but if you then check your existing applications you will not find any other app called like this. I had to go to the API directly to understand that apparently the blueprint is also stored as an application of the tenant.

Two recommendations:

  1. Rename the blue print (maybe to "Usage Statistics Application") so that it frees up the name for usage

  2. (if possible) set the default name when creating to "Usage Statistics". I am not sure if that is possible or if the UI automatically will try to use the blueprint name

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  • Admin
    Tal Dunne
    Dec 14, 2023

    Hi Tobias - thanks for your feedback! It is a bit odd to have the "-1" added to the end of the application name. I'll take this consideration into account as we build the next version.