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Created on Feb 23, 2024

MEA types/series names should not be altered by LwM2M agent

The LwM2M agent adds a suffix to the type (and series, for measurements) of measurements, events, and alarms that it creates from received values. The suffix reflects the object instance and resource ID in the resource path. This alteration means that the resulting type/series does not match the string entered when adding functionalities to a resource in the device protocol page.

For example if a value is received for a resource path /{objId}/{objInst}/{resId}, it is altered in the following ways:

Measurements: {type}_{objInst} => {series}_{resId}

(e.g. myMeasurementType_0 => myMeasurementSeries_1)

Events/Alarms: {type}_{objInst}_{resId}

(e.g. myAlarmType_0_1)

These changes make it more difficult for custom applications, which rely on the type/series names to be unchanged.

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