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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Status Likely to support/improve
Categories Dashboarding Widgets
Created by Kai Sieben
Created on Oct 6, 2023

Global time selector: Zooming in to one graph should reflect in other graphs too

With the new global time selector the time can only be selected in the top bar of the Dashboard.

It would be very user friendly if the time selection would work similarly to Grafana.

When zooming into the data point graph widget the user can also select the time range which he is interested in, which should then also control the global time selector, so that other data point graph widgets also zoom in to the same selected time.

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  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Oct 12, 2023

    Hi Kai, thanks a lot for sharing this feedback

    We agree this would be a valuable improvement to Global Time Context and plan to consider this as an input for future releases. We will try to update to you once we plan to pick this up.