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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Status Future consideration
Created by Helmut Gansmüller
Created on Mar 11, 2024

multiplicator for measurement values

It would be good to have an multiplicator for measurements in datapoint explorer and the widgets.

We have different devices and they send the measurements with different units and we don´t have the possibility to make changes. For example meters and kilometers or seconds and hours. With a multiplicator for each datapoint we can show values with same units.

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  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Apr 15, 2024

    Hi Helmut

    This is definitely a use case we wish to support with a more robust solution around Unit Conversion, providing each user even more flexibility. We will consider this for a future release and will plan to reach out to you again once we decide to proceed with it

    In the meantime, the way to achieve the above conversion would be using multiplication on an input via streaming analytics builder blocks or creating a custom widget or even extending our open source data point graph widget using our extensions approach.

    Best regards