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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Categories Dashboarding
Created by Rahul Talreja
Created on Apr 18, 2024

User Preference Settings: Timezone, Date Format, Number Formats, etc.

There are various users trying to access a single dashboard. Some might be operating from different time zones, and sometimes a single person is responsible for overseeing machines that have different time zones.

Some users prefer to view the data as per their time zone, while others prefer to view it according to the device time zone.

Another pain point is the date and time format. With team members from different continents viewing the data, allowing users to define the default date/time format will be valuable

One additional pain point is the lack of flexibility in number display. For example, users may prefer to see numbers formatted as '10,000' or '10 000'. Introducing a setting to select a default this aspect would greatly enhance our user experience.

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