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Created by Dirk Peter
Created on Aug 26, 2022

Device-Type Dashboard Administration

While it is possible to create dashboards that are used for the same device type, it is practically impossible to manually keep track of "origin" dashboards.

Our cockpit-clone application does heavily rely on the provided dashboard capabilities. And while the ability to enable our end-users to personalise dashboards – enriched by use cases specific custom widgets – on their own is a huge empowerment. However, the need to maintain device type dashboards, which will account for the vast majority of dashboards within the project, either on a "post-it basis" or a significant customisation effort of the inherited application is… complicated.

On a positive note: the availability of a dashboard administration could also free users from uncertainty in use – "what happens when I delete the OG dashboard/device?" or "how do I know that this dashboard is inherited?" – thus improve the dashboard experience significantly.

The desired capabilities for a dashboard management would be: a single place to CRUD device type dashboards, independent of specific device.

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  • Neil C
    Oct 3, 2022

    We have a similar need. We will create a series of "boilerplate" dashboards that are desinged to accomany certain device types. They often include annotated images or schematics of the device or product with which they area associated.

    Our challenges include:

    • Automatically instantiating these dashboards when a new device of a certain type is attached to the platform (mabe there is already a way to accomplish this?).

    • Updating the dashboards for a particular equipment type, in the event that an enhanced/improved dashboard is developed.

    What would be nice is a way to associate a dashboard template with a device type - perhaps through the Digital Twin Manager.

    We would also like to be able to list all the devices/managed objects of a certain type, and check which dashboards are instantiated - for example in a table where the rows are device instances, and the columns are dashboard types. This would reveal devices where dashboards were missing, or custom dashboards have been created manually, and need to be comped to or delted from other instances of that type.

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group specific dashboard

We would require group specific Dashboards. At the moment Dashboards can only be assigned to one device or to a type. But we have customer which use the same device but need dashboards depending on groups, due to regional regulations, languages or...
Elvin Sebastian almost 4 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Digital Twin Manager 1 Added/Resolved 🎉