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Status Likely to support/improve
Categories Widgets
Created by Neil C
Created on Oct 5, 2022

"Full-screen" button available for Data Points Chart widget in Cockpit

When using Cocpit to explore data, it would be nice to be able to switch a Data Points Graph to "Full-screen" temporarily, so that it occupies the entire canvas of the dashboard.

We suggest that, in "Full-screen" mode, the widget should behave substantially as the graph widget behaves in the Data Explorer view of Cockpit. This could even be accomplished by transporting the user to the Data Explorer, and transferring the dashboard settings into that environment. In this case, a "Back" button should be provided to return to the original dashboard once the user has finished exploring the data.

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  • Admin
    Nikolaus Neuerburg
    Mar 9, 2023

    Hi Neil, thanks a lot for the feedback. We discussed your idea of a full-screen button internally and it received a lot of positive feedback. We do plan to implement this in one of the upcoming releases and will keep you informed once the implementation has been finished!

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