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Categories Dashboarding
Created by Kai Sieben
Created on Dec 20, 2022

Export/Import functionality for dashboards and widgets

The customer would like to be able to have a test/prod approach for dashboards and the included widgets.

The goal would be that they are able to create the components above on a test-tenant and then being able to publish them to their production-tenant.

Currently Dashboards and Widgets especially need to be manually re-created on another tenant.

The main challenges are the linkage to the device-IDs.

The idea would be to export dashboards and re-assign the linked device-IDs devices upon import on the new tenant. Theoretically this could work using the external IDs of devices, to help the user re-assigning the devices. In general some sort of identifier (could also be the device name) is needed to guide the user when re-assigning.

Using external-IDs the re-assigning could theoretically even work fully automated if the external-IDs are the same in the source and target tenant.

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