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Created by Nikolaus Neuerburg
Created on Mar 17, 2023

Easy Data Export for Machine Data

Currently, many Cockpit users struggle with the Data Export functionality. The top 2 pain points are:

  1. The data export only works for users with access to all devices (global inventory access). However, in e.g. equipment rental cases where an admin wants to provide dashboard & data access to customers for their rented equipment, the Data Export feature can not be used due to this limitation.

  2. Configuring the data export requires an understanding of the Cumulocity IoT domain model. This makes it difficult for end-users to use this functionality.

This idea is about improving the Data Point Table with an Export to CSV/Excel functionality. This would allow a Solution Administrator (the persona who prepares Dashboards and manages the access for the end-users) to prepare a dashboard on a device/asset/group level that can be used by the end-user to set the time-frame and download an export. This way, the Solution Administrator could e.g. add a new default dashboard to every device that shows the data point table pre-configured with all relevant equipment KPIs, allowing for an easy download.

The updated Data Point Table could e.g. look like this:

Given that customers often want to export data for more than one device, one could also think about extending the Data Point Table so that it could be used on a group level to allow for exporting data from multiple devices.

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  • Frank Bauer
    Apr 11, 2023

    The export function should allow the selection of multiple devices in an asset group to which the user has access and the associated asset subgroups using a wizard to make it easier for the customer to create an export task.

  • Elvin Sebastian
    Mar 20, 2023

    Please note there is already the Data Explorerer which provides this functionality but due to missing Global Inventory Read Access the file is not downloadable. The benefit there is you can also set the timeframe.