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Status Planning / planned
Categories Asset Properties
Created by Juergen Hahl
Created on May 30, 2023

Digital Twin Manager - Blacklist / restrictions for custom properties with key type and id


There should be a blacklist, which contains keys, which must not be used by users and are marked as built-in.
Also the input field for key should have restrictions regarding to that.


  • create custom property with label and key = type and label and key = id (typeAndIDPorperty.PNG)

  • create asset type "subroom" and subscribe property type and id to it (see assettype-subroom-with-typeAndId.PNG)

  • create asset "building 10" with these asset types and propertys (see assethierarchy.PNG)

  • when i than navigate to "subroom 10" i dont see the defined properties type and id (see no_customproperties.PNG)

  • when you than to a get to the subgroup GET url/inventory/managedObjects/15237247 you will see 2 types appearing

  • also the defined property id is not visible

is the issue in from the past is fixed where "if the user defines a custom property, which has the key type, he could by accident override the built-in property type, which is used to identify the asset type."?

best regards
Juergen Hahl

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  • Admin
    Rahul Talreja
    Jun 20, 2023

    Hi Juergen, thanks a lot for noticing and sharing this feedback.

    We became aware of the issue some time ago, and it's already included in our feature backlog. We will notify you once we plan to pick this up.