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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 14, 2022

Honor UI consistency by moving button for adding new OPC UA Server to top of management page for OPC UA Gateway devices

The default location for any "add XXX" functionality for c8y web interface is always top right in the "page-toolbar".

However, after registering an OPC-UA gateway, the "Add Server" button on sub menu "OPC UA server" is located at the bottom of the page in area "card footer" instead. While e.g. "Add external ID" on sub menu "Identity" from the very same card stack is located top right in "page-toolbar" as usual.

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  • Admin
    Nikolaus Neuerburg
    Dec 22, 2022

    Hi Frank,

    thanks a lot for your feedback. The OPC UA view uses a "Split view" layout like many other views such as the main Properties library view, the detail views on Simulators, Smart REST templates among others. We use this layout in some views to let users view the list items and details without further page drilling.

    The decision to have the Add button on the bottom was made so that all actions were placed within the same context which in this kind of layout is the card not the view.

    We do agree however that the "Add external ID" button should be changed and will plan this change for a future release.