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Cumulocity IoT - Tell us your Idea
Created by Neil C
Created on Dec 3, 2022

Software & configuration update operations lifecycle should include a "Locally Staged" step

In common with many industrial equipment manufacturers, our customers are cautious about over-the-air updates for devices in thier facilities. A common request is for a local approval step in the application of software updates and configuration chanages: It should be possible to "stage" an update - i.e send it to a device, but not apply it until a local user authorised the update through the UI of the device itself.

Today, Cumulocity only undersands a simple lifecycle for software and configuration update operations:


  • EXECUTING, then


Since the PENDING state is used to indicate that the device has not recieved, or has yet to repond to the Operation, at least one additionl state is required to accurately reflect the use-case outlined above.

We propose the addition of a "STAGED" state, between PENDING and EXECUTING, which can be set by the device when it has recieved an instruction, but has yet to recieve local authorisation to execute it.

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