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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Created by Andrej Schreiner
Created on Mar 18, 2022

[Sensor App] Support edge for cloud sensor app

Doing demos with cumulocity Iot Edge would be much better if cloud sensor app would support c8y edge deployments where self signed ssl certs and non-public domain are used

  • Cloud sensor app is perfect to demo the benefits of edge (local data anayltics of sensor values, low latency, pre agrregation, real time etc)

  • most demos would be in the same network (mobile device and edge) so no need for any security in this case

  • With data broker you could even demo how to forward phone data of local android device to cloud

Solution idea: just accept self signed certs and IP for instance name in the manual config of cloud sensor app (and allow that to be consumed via QR code)

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