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Created on Jul 13, 2022

[Sensor App] Ability to choose group to which phone is assigned


As part of our IoT Education Package we are making heavy use of the Cumulocity IoT Sensor App.

We are also providing a team based device visibility based on Cumulocity Role Based Access Control features. I.e. a group of users shall only see their own devices.

Now when we want to combine these, we run into the issue that the Sensor App by default assigns itself to the "Phones" group when using QR code registration. I.e. all devices would end up in the same group, when we want to put them into separate ones.

We currently solve this by having multiple groups called "Phones" for which each student (non-"admin" user) has access to exactly one of those. This approach however makes groups not humanly manageable by faculty members ("admin" users) as they see multiple groups, which are called exactly the same name.

Adding the possibility to choose a group to which the user has access during QR code device registration would allow to have groups with meaningful names. This would make managing the groups humanly feasible.

(We have tried the alternative "Manual Registration", which allows choosing a group. However "Manual Registration" is not reliable - for which I will create an incident - and not as convenient.)

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