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Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal
Status Likely to support/improve
Created by Shaopeng (Jeffrey) Song
Created on Jun 13, 2023

[DataHub] How do user know if the Offloading has been flushed or appended from the Auditing logs

First, currently when a user tries to stop and start the offloading the task by selecting to flush the available data in data lake, there is no record of this anywhere in the Auditing(Query/System) logs other than just that the task was stopped and started. As flushing is a critical option, user expect some log entries to identify such actions promptly.

Second, user expects some warnings signs/messages is shown if a user tries to flush the data during offloading activation as currently there is no such warning provided. As not all users are tech-savvy and there is huge risk of accidentally flushing the data.

Looking forward for a better solution.

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