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Audit Log for Asset Model and Properties

If an asset model or multiple asset properties are being accessed by multiple admins, an audit log of the same would be helpful to identify who did the last change and when
Rahul Talreja 12 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Digital Twin Manager / Models / Properties 0 Likely to support/improve

Definition of what device types can be assign to assets

When defining an asset, you can currently define which child asset types and properties an asset has. However, devices can also be assigned to an asset. Currently, there is no way to specify or limit the selection of devices. However, when definin...
Felix Schaede about 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Digital Twin Manager / Configuration 0

Media Library: Allow user to upload relevant icon during asset creation

Allow user to upload his own icon list so that user is not restricted to only use our icon set. For example: When we search Machine only 1 icon is displayed, we don't have wind turbine or wind speed sensor icon and similarly many common assets whi...
Rahul Talreja almost 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Digital Twin Manager / Models 0 Planning / planned