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Request Abortion Feature for Improved Performance in @c8y/client SDK

We are developing a frontend application utilizing @c8y/client for seamless interaction with the Cumulocity APIs. To maintain optimal performance, we aim to abort any pending requests when a user navigates from one dashboard to another. We frequen...
Guest 14 days ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK 1 Already supported

Provide ways for developers to add plugin in different languages

Although we currently support the translation of static platform pages into different languages, the plugins section is currently limited to a single language, which matches the language of the plugin itself. Since Cumulocity is used in multiple l...
Rahul Talreja about 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Extensions / UI Plugins 0 Already supported

Make user dropdown menu customizable

we need too add custom notification too the user menu but that part is not customizable we already created a ticket
Guest about 2 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK 2 Already supported

Support large data visualisation in DataGraph widget

DataGraph widget truncates data when a datapoint has a lot of data (every seconds for example) and a long period (1 week or longer) is selected. A warning is diplayed : Change aggregation or select shorter date range. It would be nice to visual la...
Guest about 4 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK 2 Already supported

Datapoint following a logical scheme

the "Add datapoint" dialog we noticed that the sorting is random (though constant) and the colors of the datapoints change every time. The changing colors pose a problem if customers decide not to use the datapoint library and two people work on a...
Guest over 4 years ago in Cumulocity IoT Cockpit and WebSDK / Dashboarding 5 Already supported