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Status Already supported
Categories Platform Management
Created by Frank Bauer
Created on Jun 23, 2023

Branding feature - Terms & Condition confirmation

As a tenant administrator I would like to ensure that users confirm the T&Cs initially and receive the information when the T&C have been updated and have to confirm the update in accordance to the legal requirements.

  • A user with administration permission is able to upload the latest version of the T&Cs (one document per tenant - no global T&C, a T&C per (sub-)tenant).

  • The user is able to access the T&Cs also after the confirmation.

  • The user can access the currently valid version of the terms of use at any time.

  • Every user has to confirm the T&Cs initially by his first login.

    • Without confirmation user is not able to use an application.

    • The confirmation dialog could not be dismissed.

  • A user with administration permission is able to update the T&Cs and ask for reconfirmation per tenant for all users.

  • After an update all users have to confirm the updated T&Cs on the next login.

  • Idea for managing T&Cs: Seperate UI within Cockpit -> Settings

    • Textarea with possiblity to copy&paste (T&Cs).

    • (Version label)

    • Save button

    • Checkbox to force reconfirmation

  • Idea for viewing T&Cs: Seperate UI entry within Cockpit

    • Show text publish date and version

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  • Frank Bauer
    Sep 20, 2023

    Hi Jane, thanks for the discussion on this feature request. I would like to concretize our result a little bit. There is already an option to add links to Legal Documents in the right navigation bar under "Legal Notices". So the user has access to these documents. However, a mechanism that makes the user confirm the terms of use before the first login (as suggested here in this request) does not exist.



  • Admin
    Jane Porter
    Sep 4, 2023

    Hi Frank,

    As per our meeting it has been explained how to do this with the current capabilities of Cumulocity. I will therefore be closeing this request as currently supported.

    Regards, Jane.

  • Frank Bauer
    Jul 12, 2023

    Hello Jane,

    indeed, the summarized T&Cs or also Terms of Use (lets call them legal conditions) result from the contract between WIKA and Software AG and additional legal conditions that WIKA wants to add.

    The biggest problem today is that a user does not need to confirm any legal conditions, neither from Software AG nor from WIKA. Also the reconfirmation is not functionally covered if the legal conditions have been updated. Since the legal conditions are not stored anywhere, the user also has no way to access the currently valid version of the legal conditions.

    The requirement is a legal issue that has high management attention on our side, as we see a commercial risk here.

    It is a really common procedure on every software product in the market, that a user has to confim the legal conditions before he can install or use the software.

  • Admin
    Jane Porter
    Jul 10, 2023

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for raising this Idea, I wonder if you can confirm that the T&Cs you are referring to are between WIKA and their customers, in other words nothing to do with the Software AG Terms and Conditions with WIKA.

    Many thanks, Jane.