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User Groups, and the ability to assign Inventory Roles to user Groups

We plan to use Inventory Roles to restrict access to data from devices installed at different customers. We do not want Customer A to be able to access data about Edwards' assets at Customer B, and vice-versa. Sometimes we also need to apply the s...
Neil C about 22 hours ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0

Password expiry warning

Problem Statement: At the moment user doesn't get any warning about their password expiry. If user didn't login for a while and password lifetime expired, then they only get to find it out at the time of login. This becomes a problem when user use...
Khademul Kabir 13 days ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0

Notification API 2.0 - Allow to subscribe to measurements to all devices

We would like to subscribe to the measurements from all managed objects (devices) on the platform using the Notification API 2.0. Currently, a subscription must be created for each individual managed object.This makes it easier to subscribe to the...
Thomas Kühn 4 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0

Notification 2.0 API - Allow to subscribe to events from all devices

The Notification 2.0 API only allows to subscribe to events for a single device / managing object at a time. Subscription to all events (i.e. at the tenant level) is needed for the Cumulocity trigger
Frédéric Joulin 9 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0 Planning / planned

To have editable UI option to change the Administrator's username of tenant owner via. management tenancy

Issue: Currently the Adminstrator's username field of tenant owner is non-editable on management UI, which causes problems when there is a need to change the tenant owner. Workaround: Request Software AG team to change it via. backend everytim...
Mohammed Ali Khan 4 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0

Digital Twin: Include last measurements and events in the managedObject of the device

To improve performance of dashboards, and to allow faster access to digital twin, it would be good, if for each measurement and event type, the last received object was also cached in the managedObject. In case new measurement/event of the same ty...
Peter Gaspar about 1 year ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Data at Rest 4 Partially exists

allow customproperties in SSO as is possible in the user api.

Currently you can set some fields through SSO like name email id etc. You can not set custom properties like language preference unit preference. If you do not use SSO you can set custom properties on users.
Tom Michiels 5 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0

Mandatory Fields for branding a tenant are not marked clearly

It would make sense to indicate which fields are mandatory when doing a branding instead of just enabling the Save button whenn all mandatory fields are filled in.
Marco Biegel 7 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0

add a device filter on audit records

We'd like to know who initiated the remote-access connection. Therefore we read the audit records to get the user. Currently there is no way to add a filter oder a query parameter to seach only for operations for a specific device. The response ha...
Artur Töws 3 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services 0

Option of defining the type header in SSO Settings

In fact, OAuth 2 (and also OpenID Connect) does not specify how access tokens should look like and which format should be used. That's why I expect the greatest possible flexibility from an implementer when it comes to validating access tokens. Id...
Guest 11 months ago in Cumulocity IoT Platform Services / Authentication & Authorisation 1 Likely to implement