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Created on Jan 27, 2020

I18N support for webApps and microservices

The C8Y platform itself supports I18N and also has APIs where user created content (webApps/microservices) add assets to C8Y. The webApps/microservices of course can provide I18N, but there is no support from C8Y. Especially, assets like roles/permissions created by a microservice appear in the C8Y core API and are only available in one language.

As many SAG customers are also international companies, I expect many of them wanting to develop webApps/Microservices with I18N.

Cumulocity IoT DataHub is another example of a webApp/Microservice which would profit from the feature. However, as internal customers we have other means to work around this.

    Feb 7, 2020

    Cumulocity IoT provides a framework and full support for internationalisation. However, translation strings need to be provided at build time of the webApp.

    In case, new translations are added by other sources (e.g. because a Microservice introduces a new role or a device sends an alarm message) the only way to offer I18N in such a case is to include the translation of those strings in advance when building the WebApp.

    Providing the option to dynamically add translation strings would certainly be valuable in such cases.

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