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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 19, 2020

User need to have the option to cancel the changes in Authentication settings and no need to have information provided by the platform for the same

User is Forced to "log out" once authentication mode is changed and no user Indication provided to the user.

When user tries to Save the modified authentication mode, user is forced to logout from the platform and not provided with any option to "Cancel" the operation. Moreover, if the user is asked to logout from the platform there is no indication to the user that he will be logged out in the next page.

Steps To Reproduce:

1. Navigate to Administration -> Settings -> Authentication.

2. Change the "Preferred login mode" and click Save.

3. Observe that user is forced to logout from the platform in the next page .

Expected Behaviour: Beside the Logout button there need to be "Cancel" button also available to the user, if user opt to stay logged in and change authentication mode later. Also need to have a user indication to the user.


This request has been raised based on the open ticket with ZenDesk ID "2962" and as suggested by Elias Weingartner and Alexander Raubal from SAG after demonstrating the issue to SAG team members.

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