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Status Future consideration
Categories Platform Management
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 16, 2019

Allow admin-usernames with more than 50 characters

Already analyzed:


When creating a tenant the "ADMINISTRATOR'S USERNAME" has to have <= 50 characters. 

This also counts for direct API call (property "adminName"). 


Idea is to remove this legacy validation to allow admin-usernames with more than 50 characters, as usually email-address equals the username.


Siemens issue:
Siemens has the issue that admin e-mail-address has to be equal to username. 
In case of e-mail-addresses larger than 50 characters this is not possible. 

- For normal users the limit is 254 instead of 50 characters 
- Minor: UI validation actually allows 254 characters, only backend validates to 50 characters length 

Dev tools shows 422 Unprocessable Entity for payload.. 
{sendPasswordResetEmail: false, storageLimitPerDevice: 0, company: "morethan50",…} 
adminEmail: "
adminName: "
adminPass: "Test1234#" 
company: "morethan50" 
contactName: "r" 
contactPhone: "" 
domain: "" 
sendPasswordResetEmail: false 
storageLimitPerDevice: 0 

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  • Admin
    Nikolaus Neuerburg
    Sep 18, 2019

    Hi Kai, thanks for the feedback. Aftter discussing this with R&D, we don't see a reason against increasing the limit for the admin username and agree that this is a sensible proposal. However, as this is not of high priority at the moment, we haven't planned this for a particular release.